Piston & Bearing Coating

by admin on November 18, 2009

PDM’s Coating Department was established to bring the advantages of Aerospace coating technology to the performance diesel market. PDM makes available a full range of power enhancing coatings for internal engine parts.

DSC01044PDM’s Ceramic Piston Skirt Coating, is designed to be used, on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating or oscillating friction. This coating will carry loads in excess of 350,000 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1600f. This coating combines the durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the ceramic lubricant. It is used in applications where high temperatures, high loads and high speeds are experienced. When higher temperatures, than most other types of coatings can provide protection at, are experienced, this coating is fully capable of carrying the load. Gray in color it acquires a glass like finish in use. Cured film thickness of “.001” or less requires no change is piston clearance.

pistons top coating

PDM’s Thermal Barrier Coating for piston tops is Designed for Performance engines running; Nitrous oxide, Supercharged or Turbocharged. It creates a hard surface specifically designed for engines running High volumes of fuel and/or high compression ratios. The thermal barrier coating. Reduces part temperature. Keeps heat in combustion chamber longer through the power stroke. Increase torque, H.P. and improved combustion chamber efficiency.

PDM’s Dry Film Lubricant for engine bearings Is a High pressure lubricant. It Reduces friction, galling and scuffing and Increases part life. Requires no clearance changes to compensate for the coating. Apply to any part subject to sliding or rotating friction. Excellent for use on bearings.

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